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About us.

Barq is a web development company headquartered in the beautiful city of Leiden, the Netherlands. Our company strives for honesty, quality and pro activity. We work with everyone at any time. We don’t just focus on great websites; we personally serve every single customer we come in contact with. It does not matter if it is a corporate conference over the phone or discussing a project through Skype; we are here for you. Because of that we believe personal attention to every customer isn’t just good business, it is a judgment of character as well. Come talk to us we love to hear what ideas you have in mind!

How we work.


We start with listening to what you have to say, very carefully. This is one of the most important things of the whole process, maybe even more important then the designing/developing itself. We want to make sure that you get what you ask for, and that’s why we take our time to listen to you.


Now that we know all about you, we start to develop your product. In this process we’ll keep you up-to-date and give you sneak peaks of the product so you can see how it evolves. For our web development we have a test environment where you can follow the process all the time. For our logo’s and illustrations you’ll receive an update at set times.


At this time your project is done, we’ll be contacting you to discuss some final thoughts. We’ll fix some bugs and change some small things so that you’ll be satisfied with the end result. Normally you are very happy right now and will pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate your new addition to your brand.


Check, check, double check.. Is everything ok? Yes? Great, then we’ll wrap your product into a nice .zip archive and will send it over to you!
It felt like decades, even though you know that’s not true, but your product is finally in your possession! Yaay. Do you need help with the installation of the webpage you just received? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

What we do.

Wordpress development




Ongoing projects

GeniusGentlemen is a blog that is all about music production tutorials. Stan and Remco teach you the beginner steps into producing your own Ableton Live tracks in all sorts of genres. In several (video) tutorials we’ll be going over the most important things you need to know when working with Ableton Live. You might think that it is impossible to learn how to create nice tracks with Ableton Live all by yourself, but Stan and Remco will prove you wrong. We have learned how to do it all by ourselves and will teach you how to do it for free!

Secret Project

More info on this project later.

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Who we are.


What we’ve done.



What our clients say

  • Barq is the company you want to work with. Not only are they professional, but they also enjoy having fun.
    Will Matter, IM Pro

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